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Coming Soon

Pre-register to fill the community meter and unlock awesome rewards! Share to spread the word and score more points! Scroll down and see what awaits you.

  • BASIC PRIZE: 5,000 Oil and Metal

    For showing such amazing support here, we'll airdrop a big pile of resources for you, ensuring you'll have enough Steel and Oil to hit the battlefield running!

  • BRONZE PRIZE: Basic Resource Chest

    Crack open this chest to find Metal, Oil, Thorium or even Polymers that you can use to build some of the more advanced structures in the game.

  • SILVER PRIZE: 30min Speedup x3

    Patience is fine. But getting stuff done NOW is better! So throw down these bad boys to cut the time it takes to build/upgrade structures or train units.

  • GOLD PRIZE: VIP Status for 24h Hours

    Jump ahead of the pack by becoming a VIP for 24 hours! This lets you crank out a starting army and build up resources faster than your neighbors, giving you a vital edge in dominating your region.

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